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Christine Wood, M.D. on Ladd McNamara, M.D.

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“I’ve known Dr. Ladd McNamara personally and professionally for almost eleven years. I have read many of his books and articles, and heard him speak. I am amazed at his knowledge of nutritional medicine and the way in which he reaches out to help and inspire people to take care of their health. From my personal experience, I have no questions about his credibility and integrity. He has proven himself in many situations in which we have worked together on speaking engagements and arranging nutritional conferences. His heart and passion is truly demonstrated in what he does and by the lives he touches. "

Christine Wood, M.D.

Author: "How to Get Kids to Eat Great and Love it."

Lynn Allen-Johnson on Ladd McNamara


I am so grateful to be partnering with Dr. Ladd McNamara. I want all of us to work together and put our focus on watching our team members walk as new Golds and beyond. Duplication is the key, and with the incredible tools and systems that we have in place the sky is now the limit. Do you even know what an amazing resource we have in Dr. Ladd, and how lucky we are to have this man? I know he cares about each one of us and would do anything for our collective success. Dr. Ladd is an amazing leader and I'm looking forward to continue working closely with him as we build our futures and our leaders, and then sitting quietly back with him as we watch the leaders we have created carry the torch forward.

Massive success to you and everyone!

Lynn Allen-Johnson

5-Star Diamond Director
President Award Winner, 2006 & 2007
Top 25 (#1) Growth, 2007
Fortune 25 ClubMillion Dollar Club

Bud & Bunny Barth on Ladd McNamara


In the many years we have worked with Dr. Ladd McNamara we have always been grateful to be associated with such a fine man. Everyone knows that he is a brilliant and caring physician (although retired from practice now). And if that were the only reason he participated in our downline, that would be more than enough. But in addition to his medical expertise, he has become one of our most focused leaders, nurturing and inspiring his own downline with an energy and passion that we truly admire.

We always know that anyone who joins his organization will be mentored by one of USANA's best, as he works along side his people, and teaches them how to become leaders too! We only wish we could clone him!

Bud & Bunny Barth,
2-Star Diamonds
Dr. Wentz Vision Award Winners 2006
Fortune 25 Club
Million Dollar Club

Susan Waitley on Ladd McNamara


The other day an associate asked me if Dr. Ladd McNamara was in my downline. I said, "I only wish." I'll tell you what I really think about Dr. Ladd. It doesn't matter if you are downline or upline or cross line to him. Dr. Ladd is great to work with. I've watch him grow in USANA over the past twelve years. I think at first most of us saw him as "the doctor" that was a wealth of information that helped all our businesses grow. And, I might add with great passion.

I have come to observe not only is Dr. Ladd McNamara a wealth of medical information, but he has also come to be a fantastic and successful leader in this business. I watch him with his downline and wish he were MY UPLINE! He is focused on his team and working with great people and leaders, and has set in place an attitude and program that will lead his team to success. He is dedicated to moving everyone that is an active team member upwards in rank. I'm keeping my eye on him and highly suggest you do the same.

Susan Waitley,

1-Star Diamond
Fortune 25 Club
Million Dollar Club

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A Nurse, Counselor, and Patient Speaks About Her Experience with Dr. Ladd McNamara

I met Dr. Ladd McNamara in 1997. Originally, I did not want to travel the distance to the clinic where he was the medical director of the Wentz Wellness Center, but when I sat down with Dr. McNamara I KNEW I was going to be a part of this great work. I became the counselor and patient coordinator of the center, working closely with Dr. McNamara. It was a wonderful time for us. We worked very hard to make a difference in people’s health based upon nutritional medicine. We had many other doctors of various specialties and staff members who all worked hard with us. The reason that we did so well in helping our patients was because of Dr. McNamara. His leadership, his integrity, his ability to put the patients and staff before himself and listen to everyone’s concerns set the tone for the center and quality patient care.
As a counselor, as a nurse specialist, and having a private practice at the Wentz Wellness Center I referred many of my patients to Dr. McNamara. I gave them the very best of care, because of his ability to listen and reassure them about everything they needed to do to be well in spirit, mind, and body. He taught them about nutrition and vitamin supplements and nutritceuticals, and how this would enhance their ability to feel well, to do more, and help them for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Ladd McNamara and I gave many seminars together. We spoke to many patient groups together, and spoke with many physicians and allied health professionals together. Never once did I question his abilities as a medical doctor or his integrity as a person.
I know Dr. McNamara as a person, as a colleague, and as an individual who cares about other people. He is intelligent and trustworthy. He is someone that once you meet and know you will be friends for life.”

My Experience with Dr. Ladd McNamara as a Patient:

Besides working with Dr. Ladd McNamara, I was also his patient. Many years ago, at the age of 19, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosis. They told me back then I had less than three years to live. I knew medications were going to help me, and possibly save my life, but I knew they would not give me the quality of life that I needed and wanted. When I met Dr. McNamara I was still struggling with many of the symptoms of lupus, and had previously gone through a battle of cancer. Dr. McNamara helped me understand how important nutrition and nutritional supplements were in providing energy , clarity of mind, and wellness that I was still searching for. This was over 11 years ago! As a doctor, he sat down with me and explained everything that he could and answered every question that I had regarding how supplements could help me with my disease. We developed an actual wellness plan for me, and it included taking vitamin supplements, which we call nutriceuticals. These truly helped me become the person I wanted to be. I was leading a very active life as a nurse specialist and counselor, as well as the many other activities that I was involved with, and I needed more energy. I needed to feel that I was in more control of my daily schedule. And, THAT IS what Dr. McNamara was able to help me do.

He was willing to go through every bump in the road with me until I really felt comfortable with what I was taking, much I was taking, and how this was benefiting me every day. The results I experienced were incredible. I had more energy. I was sleeping better. I was thinking more clearly. My body was responding so well to Dr. McNamara’s nutritional supplement program that I was able to reduce my prescription medications (with the advice and help with my other specialized doctors at the time). I was very happy to tell my other physicians about the supplements I was taking, and how wonderfully they were working. These doctors were very happy for me to be able to talk with their patients and tell them about the nutritional supplements that were working so well.

Dr. McNamara is a wonderful physician because he cares about everyone’s wellness, and I saw him put his patients’ well being first. I could not ask for a better friend, or a better physician as Dr. Ladd McNamara. I’m blessed to have him as a lifelong friend.

Dorothy Leone-Glasser, R.N.

The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Ladd McNamara

If you have not read already the foreword by Dr. Myron Wentz to Ladd McNamara's upcoming revision to his 2nd Edition of The Cholesterol Conspiracy, and the support that Dr. Wentz gives Ladd McNamara then this is certainly worth reading at the following link on this blog:
Ladd McNamara retired from his medical practice in December 2003 to follow his passion of writing, speaking, and building a network marketing business (in the health and wellness arena) full-time.
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Power of Celllular Nutrition by Ladd McNamara

Now, you can go to to read about, this incredible CD. Ladd McNamara practiced medicine as a board certified medical doctor (Ob/Gyn) for approx. ten years in Atlanta, Ga. before retiring into network marketing full-time. He now lectures, writes books, and assists others in living healthy lives. He no longer practices medicine, but stays abreast of the latest research, especially of nturtional medicine and how it impacts your life, particularly the use of a wide range of nutritional supplements.

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