Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lynn Allen-Johnson on Ladd McNamara


I am so grateful to be partnering with Dr. Ladd McNamara. I want all of us to work together and put our focus on watching our team members walk as new Golds and beyond. Duplication is the key, and with the incredible tools and systems that we have in place the sky is now the limit. Do you even know what an amazing resource we have in Dr. Ladd, and how lucky we are to have this man? I know he cares about each one of us and would do anything for our collective success. Dr. Ladd is an amazing leader and I'm looking forward to continue working closely with him as we build our futures and our leaders, and then sitting quietly back with him as we watch the leaders we have created carry the torch forward.

Massive success to you and everyone!

Lynn Allen-Johnson

5-Star Diamond Director
President Award Winner, 2006 & 2007
Top 25 (#1) Growth, 2007
Fortune 25 ClubMillion Dollar Club


Ladd McNamara said...
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Ladd McNamara said...

After nine or ten years or so of being "stuck" at the level of Gold Director and seemingly not being able to move on to Ruby Director, let alone Emerald Director, in July of 2007 I finally was able to move up two pin levels ...skipping Ruby Director, and jumping right to Emerald Director!

Since it was obviously time to come off the off the Medical Advisory Board (and, despite the misperception that there was a requirement that I needed to have a medical license to be on the Board, this was NOT true. There was no requirement to have a medical license to be on the Medical Advisory Board whatsoever! I was retired from the practice of medicine since Dec. 2003, and I was involved in speaking, writing books, and network marketing full-time, yet, I was comfortable just being "The Doctor" on the Medical Advisory Board," ...but, now it was time for me to truly focus on building my own network marketing business, ...I just needed a "push.") I got that push, and I should thank "BM" and his friends for being the thorn in my side to get moving with my network marketing business. I decided it was time to advance, and help my downline advance as well, ...and in so doing it would bless the lives of scores of people. "BM" was the adversity in my life, ...the reason I needed to prove to myself and others that I have the will and the spirit, let alone the belief in myself and in this company to rise in the ranks and spread the message and vision of Dr. Wentz, that of spreading true health and freedom. I could no longer sit back in my comfort zone and just "take it." My will to succeed will always be greater than anybody's desire to stop me from spreading Dr. Wentz's vision. No fearful man and his followers can stop this good work of Dr. Wentz, especially when we have the true spirit of this work within our hearts. We know it is the right thing, the right company with integrity, the right products that change people's lives for the better, the right compensation plan that is fair for everyone, ... that it is the real deal.

I have worked closely with Dr. Wentz, with the corporate leaders, the scientists, ... I have been on the "inside," and I know this company and its products are real with every fiber of my being. I have seen the difference these products make in the lives of my patients when I practiced medicine, and in the lives of thousands of others since retiring from my practice. I have seen the joy and happiness this company brings to thousands of people, and the freedom it provides.

What we're doing is a true mission, a true calling. For those who don't get it, or don't see it, ...they will have a hard time succeeding. For those who do "get this," and see that there is no separation between the mission, the products and the business, they will succeed beyond their dreams, as long as they are committed. And, there is a difference between "wanting" to succeed and "being committed" to succeeding. So, find your own "BM," that is, your own reason to move forward, some incentive to help you move from your comfort zone ... something that will give you enough reason, enough intention to MOVE FORWARD!

As far as making my move out of Gold, I was no more "ready" for this advancement than I had been at any time over the last several years. Nothing was that much different with my organization itself. The biggest thing that changed in me was my INTENTION. As I have gone through the Klemmer and Assoc. work (please see my main blog regarding Brian Klemmer, particularly the comment section), one major thing taught to me was this simple and powerful formula: "Intention + mechanism = Results." My "Intention," (or my deepest commitment) was to get the highest rank advancement I could, that of Emerald Director by the time of Convention. The "Mechanism" was "how" I was going to do it. And the "Result" would be me actually attaining that of "Emerald Director," which is what I did. If one's Intention is HIGH enough, as mine was (thanks to what happened to me, thanks to our friend, BM) then the "mechanism," or "how I got there" becomes nearly "irrelevant," meaning .... I was going to get there one way or the other, because there are endless ways to get there. And, more importantly, the mechanism would show up, once I was committed to doing it. Maybe Emerald Director is not a BIG DEAL in the grand scheme of things, but to me it represented something huge. It is my "line in the sand," as Lynn Allen-Johnson likes to say. It is where I draw the line, and says, I'm here, and I'm on board, and nothing will stop me. I'm committed, and I'm ready to move!

What happened was that I was so determined, team was so determined, .... our USANA spirit was so strong there was no way that this was not going to happen. And, the other saying by Klemmer and Associates is, "When the Intention is Clear, the Mechanism Will Appear!" And, sure enough, despite the set backs and struggles, things came about, "miracles" happened, legs were reactivated, people came aboard because they saw our spirit and passion, people were mobilized into action. My team came alive like never before. I am so proud of my team. I could not have done this without my team. So, the combination of my intention with my team as the mechanism was the key to the result. It was truly an amazing thing. The assistance from Lynn Allen-Johnson as my mentor, coach, and friend who gave me support cannot be understated. She was there for me throughout the entire run, along with Brett Lumpkin, my friend from Klemmer and Associates, and of course, my team. And, lastly, my parents .. My mother, who brought me into this world, …also brought me into the world of Dr. Wentz, and assisted me along this Emerald run as well. My Mother is an important woman behind the scenes to whom I must always give proper credit.

We all must show that Dr. Wentz's vision and spirit, ....speaking for myself, that MY spirit cannot, and WILL NOT be squelched or stopped by any I believe this to be a mission from God, ....the vision of Dr. Wentz, is to spread the True Health and Financial Freedom around the world. These products are intended for everyone, and are here to promote the health of everyone who is willing to make them a part of their daily lives. The compensation plan could provide freedom for hundreds of thousands of people if they apply themselves, work hard and never give up (and don't blame others for where they come up short).

We are just beginning to see the big picture of how Dr. Wentz's vision is impacting the lives of people around the world. What a wonderful time to be involved with this movement. I am proud to be counted among the growing ranks of people who see the light of True Health and Freedom!

Ladd McNamara, M.D.
Emerald Director

Full-Time Network Marketer in the Health & Wellness Arena and Happily
Not Practicing Medicine